Just for fun, here are the top 5 things we get asked as product designers.


What sort of things do you design?

We typically design physical products, the type of thing that you would buy from a shop.

The service we offer is complete product development from idea to shop shelf and beyond. Mouse is not limited to one market sector either, we have experience of lots of different types of products. Examples of projects we’ve worked on can be found in our portfolio.

We don’t do Apps or websites (even if those pesky developers stole our job title!). Although the design process is similar, developers possess ninja coding skills which we haven’t learnt yet.


You must be really good at drawing?

We’re more Picasso than Van Gough!

Sketching is a one of many tools that we use to communicate. We use sketching to quickly test ideas, create styling impressions and note product parameters. Quite often these sketches are messy and full of notes, occasionally we crack out the magic markers and produce full hand renders. However, we’re more inclined to use our 3D CAD software to create the stunning visuals.


Have you designed anything I know?


The best part of our job is seeing people use products we have been involved with. These can be in the most unusual of places, public spaces, supermarket shelves or in people’s homes. We’ve developed various award-winning products and filled shelves in renowned high street stores. Recently some of our design work made the front pages of the national press. Speak to us to find out more.


You must be very creative?

We don’t think of creativity as drawing pictures or making product look great, rather the ability to transform traditional ideas, methods, and interpretations.

All good product design solves a problem and as designers we apply creativity to solve these problems. However, this doesn’t mean the creativity is unique to a designer’s domain, here at mouse we believe everyone is creative. Some people just need a little encouragement.

We love working with people, listening to their ideas, and encouraging them to look from different perspectives. Nurturing these ideas into successful product.

Our creativity is born from yours, talk to us about your ideas.


I’ve got this really good idea…

Fantastic, let’s go!

So where do you start?

Research. Google your idea, see who is already doing it & don’t panic, it doesn’t need to be a unique idea.

Explore. What’s your point of difference & how can you make your idea better? Make notes, draw pictures, write on a million post it notes, speak to people. Don’t shield your idea away, how do you know if it is any good if you don’t ask! The aim is to expand your thinking around your idea.

Design. Speak to us, we can help you define your idea to start the journey of making it a reality.

Follow our social media, over the next few weeks we’ll be describing the process in a little more detail. If you’re keen to get started talk to us